8th Wirral Festival runs without a hitch (well almost!)

The 8th Wirral Festival

The Festival ran without a hitch this year (well almost!) Despite the interruption of an evacuation and false alarm, over 250 people took part last weekend in the Competitive Music Festival.

Friday night saw plenty of hustle and bustle in the main hall at Birkenhead High School Academy as it was filled with school orchestras, a wind band and a soul band. On Saturday afternoon, choir descended on the school from up and down the Wirral.

Photos of competitors taking part are now available to purchase and download from the gallery

Fire alarm experience


Festival Poster 2011

Please download, print and display our poster for the 2011 Wirral Festival in your schools, staff rooms, office noticeboards, church halls and community centres.

If you would like copies sent through the post to display then please contact us providing details of your postal address.