Class Winners 2014

Girl’s Vocal Solo, set song, 11 years and under: Rachel Burnett
Girl’s/Boy’s Vocal Solo, own choice, 11 years and under: Rachel Burnett
Girl’s Vocal Solo, set song, 15 years and under: Molly Darracott
Girl’s/Boy’s Vocal Solo, own choice, 15 years and under: Sophie Clarke
Girl’s/Boy’s Vocal Solo, set song, 18 years and under: Sophie Clarke
Vocal Solo, open 18 years and under: Angelina Dorlin-Barlow
Songs from the Shows, 15 years and under: Xanthe Brennan
Songs from the Shows, 18 years and under: Angelina Dorlin-Barlow
Sacred Solo, 18 years and under: Sophie Clarke
Lieder Solo: Hannah Wainwright
Oratorio Solo: Christie Bainbridge
Songs from the Shows Open: Helen Corlett
Grand Opera: Linda Newman
Solo by a British composer: Francis Nance
Victorian or Edwardian Ballad: Margaret Spanswick
Vocal Solo Open: Angelina Dorlin-Barlow
Unaccompanied Folk Song: Angelina Dorlin-Barlow
Solo Vocal Recital: Helen Corlett
Pop Idol, 18 and under: Vhea Pineda
Pop Idol Open: Courtney Campbell
Cabaret, 15 and under: Georgina Duncan
Cabaret Open: Len Smith

Children’s Choirs, 11 years and under: Lydiate Primary School Concert Choir
Children’s Choirs, 15 years and under: St Julie’s Intermediate Choir, Liverpool
Youth Choirs: St Hilda’s Cof E School Competition Choir
Over 60s Choirs: Mes Amies
Choral Groups: Voci Amabili
Open Choral Competition: Archbishop Beck RC College Chamber Choir, Liverpool
Performing Arts, Music and Speech: Lydiate Primary School Boys’ Choir

8 years and under, set piece: Hywell Griffiths
8 years and under, own choice: Isabella Malem
9 years and under, set piece: Hywell Griffiths
9 years and under, own choice: Daniel Clark
10 years and under, set piece: Eniola Tireney
10 years and under, own choice: Tiffany Dyu
11 years and under, set piece: Milly Rigby
11 years and under, own choice: Rachel Burnett
12 years and under, set piece: Milly Rigby
12 years and under, own choice: Flias Ackerley
14 years and under, set piece: Tarun Sripadam
14 years and under, own choice: Milly Rigby
16 years and under, set piece: Tom Foteinos
16 years and under, own choice: Jordan Kilpatrick
Solo Piano Recital, 17 years and under: Elias Ackerley
Piano Solo Open; Bach: Marta Czajor
Piano Solo Open; Classical Composer: Elias Ackerley
Piano Solo Open; Romantic Composer: Elias Ackerley
Piano Solo Open; 20th Century: Lewis Corke
Solo Piano Recital, Open: Jordan Kilpatrick
Piano sight-reading; 12 years and under: Brian Davies
Piano sight-reading, 15 years and under: Adrian Dyu
Piano sight-reading, 18 years and under: Robert Nielsen-Scott
Piano duet, 11 years and under: Abbie and Jamie Moores-Pearce
Piano duet, 16 years and under: Adrian and Tiffany Dyu

Violin Solo, 10 years and under: Saffron McIver
Violin Solo, 13 years and under: Angelina Dorlin-Barlow
Violin Solo, 17 years and under: Joseph Taylor
Violin Solo, Open: Angelina Dorlin-Barlow
Cello Solo, 17 tears and under: Xanthe Brennan
Guitar Solo, 17 years and under: Niklas Auth
Guitar Solo Open: Niklas Auth
Woodwind Solo, 10 years and under: Myles Bruce
Woodwind Solo, 13 years and under: Rachel Burnett
Woodwind Solo, 17 years and under: Sophie Tarver
Woodwind Solo Open: Megan Rowlands
Brass Solo, 10 tears and under: Abigail Warner
Brass Solo, 13 years and under: Ailish Kelly
Brass Solo, 17 years and under: Sean Sweeney

Instrumental Ensemble for large groups, 12 years and under: Christ the King Primary School Brass Band
Instrumental Ensemble for Large Groups, no age limit: Archbishop Beck RC College Concert Band
Chamber Ensemble 12 years and under: Jessica and Eleanor Vernon
Chamber Ensemble Open: Sophie and James Tarver
Instrumental Ensemble:  Weatherhead Brass Ensemble
Battle of the Bands: Archbishop Beck RC College Jazz Combo
School Orchestras 18 years and under: Archbishop Beck RC College Orchestra