Music Syllabus Update

Additional Information about Wirral Festival Set Pieces for Piano 2016
Most regrettably, the titles of the books needed for these pieces were omitted from the syllabus in error. Here is the missing information, to be read in conjunction with that already in the syllabus.

Class 100: “Piano Time”, Book 1 by Pauline Hall
Class 102: “More Upgrade Piano”, Grades 0-1 by Pamela Wedgewood
Class 104: “A Keyboard Anthology”, Second Series Book 1, Grades 1-2
Class 106: “A Romantic Sketchbook for Piano”, Book 2
Class 108: “The Romantic Spirit”, Book 1
Class 110: “More Romantic Pieces”, Book 2, edited by Lionel Salter
Class 112 “Partridge Pie”, Book 1